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Using monthly mid-week evening ‘celebration’ meetings held in non-church venues we have seen Christian communities grow in depth & numbers where a Filling Station has been opened. The Filling Station offers high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry.

Our meetings are designed to be overtly spiritual but presented in a manner that those outside the church would feel comfortable. Meetings are held monthly and aim to be short, sharp and focused in character. We find many people meet God through these meetings and faith is built up. Many church leaders find them an excellent additional ministry tool.

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New Filling Stations opening up all over!

Posted October 18, 2017

This autumn has already seen several new Filling Stations open their doors.  Between September and Christmas, 8 new UK meetings are starting and one in Sweden!  Already opened are: Kennet Valley FS in Berkshire, Girvan FS in Ayrshire, South Herefordshire FS near Hereford and the unique, HMP Hollesely Bay prison meeting in Suffolk.  Poised to…
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New Filling Station in Girvan, Ayrshire

Posted September 15, 2017

The latest Filling Station to open it’s doors has started tonight in Girvan, Ayrshire.  The coastal town in South West Scotland, has seen several churches coming together to host this meeting. The meeting takes place in an up market restaurant on the sea front, called the Woodlands Bay Hotel and the team are delighted that…
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Filling Station in Prisons

Posted August 31, 2017

The first ever Filling Station monthly celebration meeting is to take place in a prison, this September.  The location is Hollesley Bay Prison in Suffolk, and will commence on September 19th.  A team of Christian volunteers, staff and the prison chaplain, are organising and hosting the evenings, which will following the tried and tested Filling…
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