The Filling Station is back!

Hi everyone,

Look forward to welcoming you back in 2017 for our first time together when Nick Crawley will be coming to join us.  He is the Regional Director for our area.

The Filling Station gives us an opportunity to share in informal worship, spend time listening and encountering God together.  So good to be  to have the freedom to be yourself and relax in a great atmosphere.  We are so thankful that our amazing God is alive and well and is about interest and action in our lives not just someone who lives afar off in a distant place.

We had some great times last year with lovely people coming to share with us and we look forward to this year.  Feel free to bring friends, family – any age welcome and anyone who is interested whether they believe or they don’t.  We are happy to offer prayer to anyone who wants it and we have seen some physical and emotional healing during the past year and expect more.  There is no charge but we do rely on donations to cover our costs .  See you there!