First Filling Station in Cape Town

The first Filling Station to operate in Cape Town, South Africa, opens it’s doors today.  Taking place in the Southern Suburb of Constantia, Cape Town, the team hosting the evening are very excited about what the Lord is going to do through this meeting.  Some 35-45 people are expected at the first night, which will see Richard Fothergill, a Director of the Filling Station, who happens to be on sabbatical in the city, give the opening talk.  The expectation is that many Christians who are needing a spiritual ‘top up’, others who may not have been to organised Church for some while, or who don’t regard themselves as Christians, will find the meetings agreeable and encounter the living God in a new way through them. Worship, testimony, teaching and prayer ministry will be offered.  Mrs Marie Elliot-Jones, one of the host team in Constantia, said the following; ‘We are SO thrilled we can run a Filling Station here!  It is just what a lot of us feel is needed as a ‘spiritual well’ from which we can all drink deeply.  We are planning to meet once a month henceforth and have a series of high calibre local speakers lined up to help us.’

For more details about further meetings and speakers, look at the Constantia FS page on this website.