New Filling Stations opening up all over!

This autumn has already seen several new Filling Stations open their doors.  Between September and Christmas, 8 new UK meetings are starting and one in Sweden!  Already opened are: Kennet Valley FS in Berkshire, Girvan FS in Ayrshire, South Herefordshire FS near Hereford and the unique, HMP Hollesely Bay prison meeting in Suffolk.  Poised to start are: the Ribble Valley FS in Gisburn, Lancashire,  Buchan FS in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Bo’ness FS in W.Lothian,  Mearnes FS south of Aberdeen and Nidd Valley FS in N.Yorkshire.  A meeting is also starting in Vilhemina in Northern Sweden, in a first for that country.  A further 7 meetings are planned for early 2018.  On currently experience, these new autumnal meetings will bring in a rough total of 490 new people per month to enjoy Filling Station celebrations.  When added to the existing total of 86 meetings in operation, some 5,310 people regularly visit a Filling Station meeting somewhere each month.