New staff at the Filling Station

The Filling Station Trust is delighted to announce the arrival of three new members of the team for 2018!  Jonathan & Paige Squirrell of Beacon Church, Bacton, East Norfolk have taken on the role of Regional Consultants for East Anglia and Essex.  They currently pastor the growing Beacon Church in the town and will be working for one day per week supporting all the Filling Stations in their area, currently some 11 meetings.  They bring a wealth of experience in teaching, pastoral care and prophetic insight.  The third new staff member is Mrs Perry Britton, of Steyning, West Sussex who has taken up the role of Operations Support.  Liaising particularly with the Trust’s Chief Operations officer, James Nickols, she will back up the work of all the Regional Consultants, provide logistics, and help organised Kingdom Days and the bi-annual National Conference.  She is also an anointed speaker and teacher in the church in her own right and will be joining the national FS speakers list, which is made available to all meetings.  The Filling Station continues to grow in depth and number, so these new team members are vital to help support all the faithful work going on across the 93 Filling Station meetings.