Nottinghamshire opens it’s first Filling Station

The first Filling Station in the county of Nottinghamshire opened it’s doors on St.Valentines night, February 14th!  Gathering in a hall in Edingley village, not far from Southwell, the first night speaker was the Rev Richard Fothergill, founder of the Filling Station network.  His topic for the night which led to prayer ministry, was ‘How God Heals’.  Several individuals gave public testimonies about what the Lord has done in their live, one lady sharing how she had been very clearly healed of a major health condition by the power of God’s Holy Spirit.  The host team for the meeting, which is called ‘The Heart of Nottinghamshire Filling Station’, were all delighted with what took place and plan to meet regularly henceforth on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the same location.  See their web page on this site for full details.  Pic: the Nottinghamshire team celebrate their first night!