J.John inspires us all to tell our friends about Jesus

On Thursday 5th May, almost a hundred people enjoyed an inspirational evening at Hampton Manor when J.John shared tips and ideas on how to evangelise our non-Christian neighbours and friends. Encouraging us to share Jesus with our local neighbours and friends, he began by reminding us that “a missionary isn’t someone who crosses the sea; a missionary is someone who sees the cross.”

J.John then suggested three ways in which we can all be fruitful evangelists: 1. By praying – Pray regularly for our friends and neighbours who don’t know Jesus; pray God’s kingdom into their lives. 2. By caring – Share God’s love and people notice the difference. “People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.” 3. By sharing the Good News – We need to spend time sowing seeds and looking for opportunities to share our faith e.g. inviting people for lunch; offering to pray for them when ill or in distress; giving them a copy of the Bible Society booklet celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday & her faith.

J.John challenged us to give out 10 copies of his “Making the Connection” booklet to our friends before Christmas – or to send copies with our Christmas cards. He inspired us to keep asking God how we can build a bridge so that Jesus can walk over it.

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