Second INSPIRE Meeting in Bournemouth

Wessex Filling Station LOGO [sm]Thursday 16th June 2016 sees the second INSPIRE meeting for the prospective core team members. With special guest Richard Fothergill who comes to encourage and inspire the gathering with the story of the Filling Station, how it came to be and testimony of the immense blessing it has been to so many across the United Kingdom and beyond.

As the Wessex team develops from a group of people gathered together from differing backgrounds and experiences within the Christian church, to a team that are cohesive and focused like a well oiled engine; they will bring new opportunities for the wider church to come together in unity. The team exhibits wide ranging gifting from planners and administrators, preachers and teachers, worship leaders and songwriters, wordsmiths and musicians, technicians and gofers; but there is one common goal, one uniting theme, and that is to build up the church, its leaders and congregations, and those not presently engaged in church, through Word, worship and prayer to go out into the communities of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole and be a blessing.

This second INSPIRE meeting is aimed to expand faith and get the heart racing with the possibilities afforded us as we roll out this new initiative within the area.

“Watchmen on the walls unite, raise your trumpets as you look into the distance, the dust is rising and the Lord is on the move. Look out to sea – beyond our shores white horses are forming, the breathe of God is whipping it up and the wave of God reviving Spirit is heading towards our shore. Longed for revival of heart and soul and mind, of spirit and virtue and grace will soon be upon us. Will you be part of it? Will you draw closer to your God, the maker of heaven and earth through whom ALL things are possible and nothing is impossible. For it is He who will revive, He who will restore and He who will establish His Kingdom in this place.”

:words of encouragement from a Korean pilgrim visiting the UK to pray for revival in 2015


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