Paul Wilkinson

Yare Valley Filling Station has recently held its fourth evening celebration meeting at Alpington School’s new hall. This fourth Filling Station in Norfolk is sharing an informal way of expressing the Christian faith.
Guests received another warm welcome and enjoyed homemade cakes and coffee. Following a real life story of her life from Rachel, the band led contemporary worship.
Guest speaker was Rev Paul Wilkinson from Ashill supported by his wife Colette. Paul spoke of his early life in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles” and later in his early 20’s found faith in Jesus.
A massive impact on Paul was the receiving of power (Acts1 v8) where God’s Spirit transformed his faith and life. He said, “The Holy Spirit is here for all of us and we are called to participate and engage in things God is doing. Increasingly Christians are going out in pairs, praying and offering healing, and sharing the gospel of Jesus.”
He shared of writing a year ago of prophetic words about a forthcoming revival, where Christians would “empty” themselves of selfish ambitions, turn and pray seriously to God. From this, spiritual growth would come, believers would work together in unity, and take the story and truth of Jesus into the world where the sick will be healed, oppressed and broken people freed and renewed.
Paul concluded, “Be encouraged, God gave his son just to have you back, and this message is for your neighbours, family and children. It is time to speak up, let people know God is here, blessing us.”
The Filling Station, which was born out of the Church of England in the West Country, has grown exponentially in terms of venues opening all over the United Kingdom and continues to serve and refresh both Church leaders, congregations and more importantly to open the eyes of those who are seeking answers to the meaning of life through the Christian faith. The Filling Station is helping to bring unity amongst believers from across the whole Church spectrum.

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