People keep asking “who’s coming to speak?”…

Same Old Same Old?

As we talk about the new initiative, many are hesitant to offer to get involved or to help out; however they are interested to know who we have coming to speak.

As we start to reel off the list of “names” we have booked we see a growing smile at the corner of their mouths and sense of expectancy starting to cross their eyes… “so we invited Dr. Jonathan Oloyede of the National Day of Prayer and Worship to come, and both Richard & Jo Fothergill from The Filling Station Trust too. Then there’s Steve Clifford (Evangelical Alliance), Roy Crowne (HOPE Together), Pastor Namjin Kim (UK Korean Prayer Mission), Sim Dendy (Freedom Church | Spring Harvest), Gail Dixon (Nations International Centre [Wales]) and evangelists such as Don Double (GNC) and Andy Economides (Soteria Trust). Plus local speakers Dr. Steve Brady (Moorlands | Spring Harvest) and Jon Morgans (Bournemouth Community Church) to name but a few!

By the time you get halfway down the list many are on your side. They see the vision… to bless the church;  – to bless and build up the Christian community; yes, right across Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole! And to see a regular monthly mid-week celebration where the whole church can come together to celebrate their faith in Christ in music and song and be built up through great teaching in the Word of God so that people may be inspired to go our and love their communities and bless their neighbourhoods.

Are you in? Are you up for this?

Same Old Same Old? Not on your Nelly!

… Hope that’s whet your appetite!

If you have searched for this and you are indeed up for this and want to get involved, write or email – send us a note – ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook – there are so many ways you can help, encourage and make this happen – hand in hand with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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