James Nickols – Threshing wheat in a wine press

We were very pleased to have had James Nickols with us last month. He came to speak to us from Judges 6. The Israelites had turned away from God, and with their land invaded, God brought them a prophet. Gideon.

When God called Gideon he was in hiding from the Mideanites, but instead of rebuking him, God called out of him his destiny saying “the Lord is with you, mighty warrior”. Gideon probably didn’t feel like a mighty warrior BUT this is what God called him. This was his destiny.

To see change around us we must see receive the identity that God has given us. Don’t lower your expectations, hold onto God and know that He always has a plan.

We are very sorry if you missed this gathering, however, do not fear as we have a recording of this teaching.

We feel God has blessed every single gathering and we thank you all for your wonderful support and pray that you will continue to stay with us as we move into the new year ahead. We hope you will be able to join us for our next gathering December 2nd.

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