Paul Wilkinson to explain Walking in Kingdom Authority


Paul Wilkinson, is Associate Minister at The Fountain of Life, a network Church in Ashill, Norfolk where he ministers to a growing missionary congregation. He firmly believes in the sovereign power of God to bring change and restoration to God’s people through the presence of the Holy Spirit and looks to a time of revival across our land.

He believes that we are all called to walk in that power, to minister to each other under the authority of Christ Jesus and he believes that we should all exercise the spiritual gifting we’re blessed with to glorify God.

Paul who has spoken before at Yare Valley Filling Station and was very well received, will be warmly welcomed.

The Filling Station, which was born out of the Church of England in the West Country, has grown exponentially in terms of venues opening all over the United Kingdom and continues to serve and refresh both Church leaders, congregations and more importantly to open the eyes of those who are seeking answers to the meaning of life through the Christian faith.  The Filling Station is helping to bring unity amongst believers from across the whole Church spectrum.

Please come and join us, free admission.

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