Thursday 19th April – Simon Pinchbeck


Simon was a `Copper` who had a career change & became a Criminal, then had a life change & became a Christian. After 23 years in the Metropolitan Police, Simon Pinchbeck left after receiving a `not guilty` verdict on an assault charge. He then became obsessed with money and material things, and was tempted into a life of crime by guys he had met in the local gym. However, after being `ripped off` by his associates for a large amount of money, he was left the lowest he had ever been in his life – facing prison or death – but God threw him a lifeline in the shape of another very violent criminal, who had turned his life around through his faith in Jesus Christ. As a result of seeing the difference faith had made to this guy, Simon invited Jesus into his own life, and began a personal relationship with Him, made real through the Christian Course called Alpha.

That was in 2002, and since then Simon has had ten great years with the ministry of Tough Talk – speaking in outreaches, churches, schools & prisons. He now feels privileged to be part of the Team at CVM as Regional Director for England East, for the last 3 yrs – encouraging, empowering and equipping, Christian men, to be the men God wants them to be, and to bring other men to faith in Jesus Christ. And at the Filling Station his story will be compelling listening to both men and women.

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