Thursday June 21st 7:30pm

Our speaker this month is Ian Long who with his wife Jane live in West Malvern almost opposite the Elim college where they fellowship although they were part of an Anglican church until they moved to Malvern a few years ago.

Ian used to be a primary school teacher and is an artist and has developed (with a colleague Pip) the Blob Tree. Blobs are little people who don’t have a gender, an ethnicity or an age and they are used worldwide to help children as young as 4 right through to elderly express their feelings and explore body language without words. We don’t expect they’ll play a part in Ian’s talk but he’s easy to listen to and walks closely with the Lord. Jane was a dancer and is now a spiritual mentor and she and Ian will be happy to pray with anyone at the end of the meeting.

They are bringing a worship group from their church so we’re looking forward to a very special time. Do join us if you can… you’ll get a very warm welcome!

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