September 2018 meeting – David Uffindell

David used 2 Tim 4:1-8 as the basis for his talk on starting right and finishing well
* Context – All life is set in the context of judgement. How we live matters.
* Curriculum – preaching the message. Challenge the climate of the day. Encourage people.
* Climate – in which we live. Confusion about all sorts of things – so many conflicting views.
* Cost – of all this. It costs to follow Jesus – we need to take up our cross. There is a battle.
* Conclusion. So why would we sign up for this life? We need to finish well. Paul had fought the good fight. Attack and defence – we have good and bad days. Paul had finished the race – resilience and perseverance. Paul kept the faith. We have hope when we die – our hope is in God. There is a crown and a reward waiting for us.

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