October 2018 meeting – Bart Gee

Bart gave a very inspirational and challenging talk about his life with disability,and focusing on God, recognising that with God all things are possible

Using Matt 14:22-33 as his starting point Bart spoke of looking to God when tough times come. Instead of fixing our eyes on the troubles, look to God to intervene.

Sometimes life can be difficult, hard, and challenging. Bart challenged us to think of another word that covered these three words, suggesting that this word was “possible”. With God all things are possible (Matt 19:26).

Bart reminded us that God is:
* Omnipotent – Ps 147:5
* Omniscient – Is 40:28
* Omnipresent – Ps 139:1-18
God has no limits, so anything is possible.

As part of his talk, Bart showed a video of the various activities he does, including triathlons (to see this video, go to https://www.breakinglimits.co.uk).

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