September Concert

Foregoing out usual meeting in September the Norfolk Broads Filling Station sponsored a concert at Stalham Baptist Church at which Hebron performed, a musical trio including Simon Elman, Chrissy Rodgers and Helen Shapiro.

Many who applied for tickets ended up asking for extra ones so friends could attend and certainly we saw faces there that do not come to regular meetings of the Filling Station and that, we felt, must surely be good news.

Here we pass on the message sent by Chrissy, leader of the band, after the concert.

Hello David, Theresa, Diana, Greg and Ron!

Just a quick note to say a huge ‘Thank You’, again, for everything that went into last weekend.

We truly appreciate all of your efforts and we pray that continued fruit will come from Saturday night.

We had very good response from people afterwards: Simon and Helen, at the front, and Anne and myself, at the table.

Christians were really blessed and encouraged in their walk and unbelievers were challenged, praise the Lord.

We pray that you will know the Lord’s ongoing blessing, too. We are thankful for being able to get to know you and will continue to pray for the Lord to bring fruit in your lives and ministries (interesting and lovely that we were able to minister on a platform that was SO FULL of harvest produce!!!).

May the Lord bless and keep you all,

Chrissy (and Simon, Anne and Helen)

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