October’s Filling Station

We had an amazing evening… so sorry for all of you who missed it!

After an anointed worship time, Bishop Alistair spoke from Acts. There were loads of memorable one liners which made us stop and think… “Jesus had been living with his disciples and teaching them for 3 years, but he still told them to wait for the Holy Spirit.” “It’s not head knowledge but heart changing power that’s needed.” He pointed out that even though thousands were coming to faith in the early church, they were all individuals. He went on to look at three people who encountered God. The Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 who would have been treated as unclean, an Outsider. And yet God sent Philip “through the lanes rather than down the A465” specifically to meet him. Then there was Saul/Paul who was an Insider… today, these people went to the right school, know the right people and command influence. Yet he still needed an encounter with the living God. And Cornelius, as described in Acts 10, a good man, doing all the right things and hoping that this was enough. We all know people who are like this. He too needed to meet God and have his life transformed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is inviting the Outsiders, the Insiders and the those who are hoping that being good enough is enough into a new relationship with him!

We would have loved to have sat at Bishop Alistair’s feet far into the night and soaked up more of his teaching, it was so good, a feast. It was an evening full of God’s presence!

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