November 2018 Meeting – Jan Ransom

Jan spoke about our nation, especially at this time where there is division. We need to humble ourselves, we need to repent of any bitterness we might have against other people
2 Chron 7:14
We, the Christians, have authority in this land. We have spiritual responsibility.
Our sin has a direct relevance to the health of the land. Our sin can defile the land. Sin has an impact on land, including Britain.
Unity between the churches is essential. This makes us strong. There has been division in the church, and this is unhelpful. This as to the division in our country.
4 areas of defilement that negatively affect the land, our land.
* Idolatry.
* Bloodshed.
* Sexual immorality. Lev 18:24-25
* Broken covenants, ungodly covenants.

As Christians we need to take action to cleanse our land.
* Confess.
* Repent.
* Take out things that are not holy.
* Pray to release the power of the Holy Spirit into our land.
We need to take action. Pray for our politicians.

We then prayed for our country.

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