September 2019 – Paul Watson

Paul gave us an excellent talk on Self Condemnation, based upon Romans 8 v 1- 17, which commences with “Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…..”

He illustrated this with a picture, drawn from a previous prophetic word, of a hammer whose head was bent back on itself and driving nails into its shaft. This could mean, for example, if you sinned by being angry and then were angry again, you condemned yourself as being an angry person.

We know that such condemnation is un-biblical and that Christ came to set us free. When we repent our sins are forgiven and once forgiven, even if we sin again, we should never condemn ourselves as being this or that sinner. Our sins do not and must not define who we are.

Self Condemnation may not seem a major issue but it is easy to see how such self-condemnation can lead to depression and more. And we all know how common and debilitating depression can be!

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