November 2019 – Wes Sutton

Following a good time of worship and testimonies, Wes Sutton spoke on God bringing us out and bringing us in.

God took Israel out of Egypt to take them into the Promised Land (Deut 26:8-9).
The people of God were always meant to be a pilgrim people, ready to move on as God led. God will take us out of something into something else.
Psalm 44 – God was taking the people out. V3 – this was not by the power of the sword. It was God’s right hand (God’s authority and intervention). God is an interventionist.
Israel was great because of God. Israel were nothing, but because of God they were great (Psalm 44:1-8).

God will intervene, and He will often mess up things first.
The light of God’s face, the salvation. There is no healing without the presence of Jesus. We don’t heal anyone, it is Jesus.
God favoured Israel. This is nothing to do with how much God loves us, it is about how much responsibility he is giving us. The cross shows us how much He loves us.

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