January 2020 – Sandra Wilmot

Sandra Wilmot spoke on prayer, sharing a number of thoughts on why we should pray, challenges, and how we can pray.

Prayer is personal communication with God. However, it can be challenging because we are on earth in a material world and God is in heaven. Often we are in small places and we can’t see very far. We can’t see heaven and the Bible doesn’t say much about heaven is actually like. We need to hold onto the reality of Jesus when we pray.
God is vast and we need to see things from His perspective.
God knows us intimately, so we can be ourselves when we are with Him.

Sandra shared a well-known acronym that can help us structure our prayers – ACTS
* Adore
* Confess
* Thanks
* Supplication.

We should pray because Jesus prayed. if the Son of God believed it that important, surely we should too. The Holy Spirit helps us pray.

Sandra also gave some ideas about how we can pray. We can pray alone in quiet and still places. We should be honest when we pray. Pray with other people.

Sandra also touched on the question – What if doesn’t God answer our prayers? Well, God didn’t answer all of Jesus’s or Paul’s prayers. But we can be certain that God loves us more than we can ever know.

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