Over 100 people join us at our new venue in January 2020

Our first meeting of 2020 got off to a rousing start on Monday 13th January when over a hundred people ‘raised the roof’ during a time of lively worship at our new venue – Knowle Village Hall.

Refreshments were enjoyed in the lounge from 7pm, then we moved straight into a time of worship led by the band, during which many people sensed a real presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting.

Our speaker, Rachel Saum, asked us to question how, as Christians, we should be involved in the Climate Crisis debate, and challenged us to re-assess God’s command in Genesis 1:28 to “rule over” God’s creation. As always, her approach was quite different from previous speakers – which we believe is a strength of our Filling Station as no two meetings are alike!

At the end of the meeting, several people took the opportunity to receive personal prayer, and others chatted with new friends and commented on the warm welcome and friendly ambience of our new venue.

2020 promises to be a time of great blessing at the Heart of England Filling Station, so don’t forget to join us on the first Monday of each month!

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