You will have heard that the Filling Station event planned for 1st May has had to be cancelled. We were very encouraged by such a well-attended meeting in February and we would like to assure you that we plan to get the Yare Valley Filling Station up and running again when the current restrictions are lifted.

The Filling Station has two aims:

1. To help bring renewal to the existing Christian church. To do this we try to provide a place where God’s love, care and provision are declared and celebrated.

2. In terms of evangelism, meetings are designed to present the gospel in an attractive, genuine and powerful fashion to those who are currently outside the church.

In this time of lock-down when we cannot meet together, we encourage you to join in with any virtual meetings put on by your local church. The Network Norfolk web-site lists many events being held across Norfolk in their Guide to live streaming church services. I have heard that some churches are reaching a new and extended congregation in the virtual world.
We also recommend the outstanding new site www.faithhopelovenorfolk.co.uk created by the Network Norfolk team to help local churches and Christian groups respond to the Covid-19 crisis. We trust that the information provided in these links will help you to continue to practice your faith, perhaps in a new way.

Finally, we would like to direct you to this the Filling Station web-site. This will give you lots of information about the Filling Station, who is offering virtual meetings and it’s world-wide activity, but we would particularly recommend to you the prayer calendar shown on the home page.

With every blessing

Kevin and the team at Yare Valley Filling Station

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