May’s Filling Station “Be still… and know God”

It happened! If you missed the May South Hereford Filling Station you can see it here

Worship, testimonies, prayer and then Hellie Brunt, our regional director from the national Filling Station team brought God’s word to us from Psalm 46 encouraging us to be still and know God… She talked about how despite the lockdown there’s a lot of stuff out there, a lot of noise clamouring for our attention and concerns about the future but God is God, and He’s calling us to spend time with Him

Psalm 108 verse 1 in the Passion Bible reads “My heart O God is quiet and confident all because of you.”  She said this summed up Psalm 46 in a sentence! Then it goes on to say “Now I can sing my song with passionate praises! Awake my soul!” God is our safe place, He is the God of history, He is Lord…

Hellie went on to share the 24/7  has a prayer app and each day those using it are encouraged to begin their prayer time with “As I enter prayer now, I pause to be still, to breathe slowly and to re-centre my scattered senses upon the presence of God.” And then goes onto use Psalm 46 as a basis of a prayer. She reminded us we can speak to our own souls as well as bring our worries and concerns to Him who cares for us…

Hellie then prayed for us, for God’s peace to fill us, for the Holy Spirit to come in power. Despite it being online, it was a very special time.

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