June 2020 – Richard Fothergill

We again held an online meeting, this time with Richard Fothergill, the overall Director of the Filling Station network, speaking. Richard shared his thoughts on what he understand God is saying to us at this time.

Richard started out by saying that prophecy is seeing through a glass darkly. It can be pictorial and always needs to be weighed up. The thoughts below are what Richard feels God is speaking to him in this season. (nb Coronavirus is NOT from God, but from the evil one, because we live in a fallen world. However God is able to use this sickness to turnaround the bad and make good.)
Richard made reference to Psalm 139 and Ephesians 5 v15

Richard felt that there were five main things that God is teaching us:
1. To us as a Nation – STOP and BE STILL. Obviously for some people this season is a a time of suffering and wounding with many hardships being experienced. However for many others this lockdown has brought forth positive outcomes: families uniting, spending time together; no need to spend time travelling or working such long hours; awareness of neighbours and helping one another; a time to rethink our priorities.

2. To think about God – to REPENT and go in the opposite direction of worldly views and values. Before lockdown, 3-5% of UK went to a church service. In first 6 weeks of lockdown 27% searched the web for christian teaching and online services.

3. To come home to God and HAVE LIFE and PEACE. He is the answer. Look to God and stop being distracted by the stuff of the world.

4. God is SHAKING the CHURCH. Luke 8 v18 “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have,even what he thinks he has will be taken.” Christians who want more of God will be given it. The closer we walk with God the more he will be with us because we know that through God we have salvation and God just wants to deepen his relationship with us more and more. Those who do not know God and do not want to get to know him or walk closely with him will end up further and further away with nothing of God left in their lives. Christians are becoming more passionate about prayer thus communicating more deeply with God.

5. God wants to bring UNITY to the UK as a nation. This is a prophecy spoken out by Cindy Jacobs from the USA in May. For many reasons, Brexit being one, we as a nation have become incredibly divided. But God wants us to regain our national spirit (like in the Blitz) whereby we live to help our neighbour, to bring about social justice and help the poor and those in need. To help our neighbourhoods and to seek to break down any prejudices. To be humble, supportive, not divided, forging a new national policy of going forward in unity. BUT remembering that Satan will want to cause chaos and disunity so we must be on guard to prevent this.

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