July 2020 – Raphe and Julia Palmer

Raphe & Julia shared about their recent time in Istanbul (Jan – March 2020). The church they attended had over 40 different nationalities. Raphe & Julia were involved in three main programmes:
* Refugee programme, which had three main groups – Syrian, Afghan, African.
* UCI Church.
* English Conversation Club.

Julia shared some of their stories about the groups and the people they had met. She also shared about their involvement in the Young Adults Group and the coffee mornings that they attended – these included fellowship and bible studies.

The Covid situation has meant that many Turkish churches have moved online, but this has not hindered outreach and many people are contacting Christian groups for information and support. The Covid situation also meant that all work that Raphe & Julia were involved in ceased very quickly and so they returned to the UK earlier than planned.

After returning to the UK a prophecy was given to Raphe that God was calling him and Julia to roles that are simple, not ones of status. They are growing as plants in a pot. This has confirmed their intention to return to Turkey.

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