October 2020 – Jackie Maw

We again held an online meeting. Jackie Maw shared with us about our responsibility to creation.

When lockdown started, we started noticing nature and creation more. In the middle of the pandemic and of us shutting down, creation was blooming. People were starting to get in touch with nature.
Luke 12:27-31
Seeking God’s kingdom involves looking after creation, not just using and abusing it. We don’t have to follow the economics of raping and destroying the earth in order to get faster cars and more material things.
Contemplating the natural world leads us to worship and awe. We see how connected we are to nature and creation.
Jackie then challenged us to consider how we as Christians should respond to the climate challenges. Some thoughts around this were:
* We contemplate creation.
* Everything comes from God.
* We are not separate from the earth.
* We need to reconnect with creation and the Creator.

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