John Peters – 19 November 2020

Life is Precious.  Faith should be the spark of life.  It’s about connecting with God.

This talk was presented at New Wine this summer by lead rector of St Mary’s Bryanston Square Rev John Peters.
John Peters looks at the ministry of the Holy Spirit and explains how we can join in with what He is doing today.
It is an essential resource to help us co-operate with the work of the Spirit and see God moving in power.
Matt Coombs has recorded a special introduction for us to introduce the talk, which is personal, encouraging and fabulous.

You Tube Link.  –  you will hear some testimonies, some worship, and hear Paul’s wonderful message especially recorded for us, followed by his talk from New Wine on ‘Responding Well to a Crisis’.

Link:  message.

We have also uploaded the Question and Answer session that followed the talk at New Wine.

To see what we do,  go to You Tube / The Downland Filling Station CHANNEL / Playlists and you can click on the November meeting when it is loaded.  NB You must click on playlists first

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