December 2020

As we are meeting online, we decided that we would hold a December meeting. In keeping with the season this was a carol service with people sharing thoughts about the carols that we sang.
We also had a time of sharing our thoughts and lessons we have learnt over the past number of months. These were very encouraging:
* Learning not to make plans.
* Learning to hold things lightly. We can make plans but these can change at the last minute
Learning how to trust.
* Having hope.
* Jesus came as a baby, but He is also the king and Lord (as we see in the book of Revelation). It can be easy to forget just who Jesus is.
* Being grateful for Zoom. This gives us the opportunity to meet with others, to pray, to see people.
* We can be church anywhere. We don’t need the church buildings.
* We look forward to, and celebrate, the baby Jesus. Jesus has come, and he is coming back again in power and glory.

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