February 2021 – Russ Parker

Russ Parker joined us and spoke about “Healing the Land”. He used 2 Chron 7:12-16 as his text.
Russ talked about rogation Sunday, which started around 460 AD as a response to this verse. There was a plague in Europe and a Christian bishop (Mamertus) sought God, and felt he needed to respond to this verse. This has now happened since then.
The principle is to go to the wounded places in the land and repent and ask God to heal the land.
There​ is a connection between the people of faith and the health and quality of the land.
We never share the gospel into a vacuum – there is always history and context. We need to understand these.

Hebrew word for land (eretz). Means location. The story attached to the location. The legacy of the location. The response of the people of God to that location.
*Adam & Eve – their actions affected the land.
*Gen 4:10. Cain murdered Abel. “Brother’s blood screaming from the ground.” The legacy still spoke.
*Judges – people do wrong and they lose control of the land. When they obeyed God the land had peace.
*Jesus – at his death there were earthquakes and supernatural darkness.
*Revelation 19-21 – a new heaven and a new earth.

What we do affects the place we do it in.
There are two types of land:
*Power of holy places – God is in this place.
*Pain of hurting places.

Part of our commission to speak good news is to also consider the locations we go to. Prayer walking is one way.
Are there wounded places near us? We can pray and say sorry for what had happened and ask God to forgive and heal the place.

we finished by spending some time praying for places near us that were either wounded or holy.

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