June 2021 – Alwyn Pereira

Alwyn Pereira spoke on “Has the church woken up in bed to culture? What might the Spirit be saying to us?”
He pointed out that mission has always been contextual, as is Christianity. he then asked if the church chasing culture? In his opinion the church is engaging with culture, but is not being led by culture. It is wrestling with the issues.
Alwyn touched on the issue of racism and commented that the Church of England is actively addressing this.

Alwyn then moved on to discuss the younger generation and the relevance of church and Christianity. Young people are seeking purpose, expressions of power and authority in the church, justice. They are not anti-Christian. They may be anti-church, anti-clergy. Often they lack the language to explain what they want (e.g. God, Christ). This can be a bridge to share the gospel.

Alwyn summarised a number of points

  • The church is getting distracted by the media and the culture. We are a post-church culture, but the churches are growing. Christianity is alive but church is not, for white people.
  • Young people are driven by their passions.
  • Digital engagement is crucial.
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