September 2021 – Sandy Clarke

Sandy shared about the work that God is doing in Farnham.
She used Mark 9:14-29 as her reference. “This type only comes out by prayer”. What were the disciples doing while Jesus was up the mountain? Were they trying to do things on their own strength?
John 5:19 – even Jesus didn’t do things on his own strength.

When she came to St Thomas’s, Sandy was ready to work in Brambledon, but nothing seemed to be happening. She was pushing on her own strength. Then during Covid, they started praying. Then things started happening.

What about the spirit that stopped the boy speaking? Isn’t this the spirit of our age? People too busy to listen to God? Too afraid to talk to other people?

Numbers 20:8-11 – Moses was told to speak to the rock, but he struck the rock (as he had done before). Did he not hear God? Was he influenced by the spirit of the age?

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