New Year, Next Filling Station Meeting

After cancelling November’s meeting because of COVID sweeping through our members we’re ready and keen to see you all again on the 28th Jan – and meet new people too. At October’s meeting there was a wonderful (in the genuine sense of the word) sense of God’s presence, and we expect the same this month as we encounter the power and the presence of Jesus.

Our meetings are deliberately low key.

We start with worship, and then interview someone who is church leadership, to ask them about what they have seen God doing and what challenges they see ahead. We then take time to break into smaller groups to pray for one another before we come together again for worship. Tea/coffee and cake are available before. during and afterwards as is space for kids to do craft activities.

Last month (after an almost 2-year break) we had about 25 people come. If you come this month there will be more!

If you have questions, call/text Desiree on 07733 591891. Texting may be better as we’re a fostering family and so don’t always get to phones in time.

I forgot to take pictures of October’s Filling Station, so here’s a picture of Shouldham Village Hall. You’ll recognise it when you get here 🙂


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