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May 2021 – Hatty Elkhazan

Our speaker at the May Filling Station meeting was Hatty Elkhazan, who spoke about her perspective on living as a christian at the age of 25. Her two main themes explored living in community and what it means to discover our creative purposes in the eyes of our creator God.The house that she lives in… Read More

April 2021 – Mary Haines

Mary shared about her time on a narrowboat with her husband Richard. For the past 8 months they have been living on a canal boat and traveling around the south and midlands areas. Mary found Joshua 1:9 a great encouragement. “Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid… Read More

March 2021 – Hannah Moore

Hannah spoke about walking on Jelly and Firm Foundations. You can walk on jelly, but you need to keep moving.She shared her past year as an example of what she was talking about.Hannah took her position as vicar of a new parish at a time when all churches were closed due to the pandemic. The… Read More

February 2021 – Russ Parker

Russ Parker joined us and spoke about “Healing the Land”. He used 2 Chron 7:12-16 as his text. Russ talked about rogation Sunday, which started around 460 AD as a response to this verse. There was a plague in Europe and a Christian bishop (Mamertus) sought God, and felt he needed to respond to this… Read More

January 2021 – James Nickols

James spoke to us about John and the Seven Signs * Changing water into wine – 2:1-11 * Healing royal official son – 4:46-54 * Healing paralytic – 5:1-15 * Feeding 5000 – 6:1-14 * Walking on water – 6:15-24 * Healing blind man – 9:1-12 * Raising Lazarus – 11:38-44 The signs are to… Read More

December 2020

As we are meeting online, we decided that we would hold a December meeting. In keeping with the season this was a carol service with people sharing thoughts about the carols that we sang. We also had a time of sharing our thoughts and lessons we have learnt over the past number of months. These… Read More

November 2020

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker was unavailable and so we adopted a different strategy. We asked people to reflect and share about how God has been working over the past year in the midst of the upheaval and uncertainty that we have all faced. A number of people shared about how God had been close to… Read More

October 2020 – Jackie Maw

We again held an online meeting. Jackie Maw shared with us about our responsibility to creation. When lockdown started, we started noticing nature and creation more. In the middle of the pandemic and of us shutting down, creation was blooming. People were starting to get in touch with nature. Luke 12:27-31 Seeking God’s kingdom involves looking… Read More

September 2020 – Hugo Anson

Hugo Anson shared with us about walking with Jesus. He used Jeremiah 6:16 as his reference “The Lord said to his people: “You are standing at the crossroads. So consider your path. Ask where the old, reliable paths are. Ask where the path is that leads to blessing and follow it. If you do, you… Read More

July 2020 – Raphe and Julia Palmer

Raphe & Julia shared about their recent time in Istanbul (Jan – March 2020). The church they attended had over 40 different nationalities. Raphe & Julia were involved in three main programmes: * Refugee programme, which had three main groups – Syrian, Afghan, African. * UCI Church. * English Conversation Club. Julia shared some of… Read More

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