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Filling Station staff return to work

The Filling Station Trust staff come off furlough on September 1st. The full team will be available to support and serve all the Filling Station meetings across the world as from that date and they are very much looking forward to being involved with you once again! If you want to make contact with any… Read More

Filling Station staff in Scotland

Some of the Filling Station Trust team are in Scotland at the site of Refuel, our annual holiday teaching week which has for obvious reasons, been cancelled this year. It will take place again in July 2021. The Refuel management team are putting on various events as this would have been the week of Refuel… Read More

31 Filling Stations now offering ‘virtual’ meetings

Over thirty Filling Stations across the world are now offering on-line evening meetings.  These range from Lossiemouth in Northern Scotland, to the Wye Valley in S.Wales, to all the meetings in Kent and the large Central London Filling Station.  Country, suburb and city are all covered by meetings like these across the UK. Many report… Read More

Praying for the world

Filling Station teams, guests, Friends, supporters, Trustees and the FS staff are all praying long and hard for the Lord God to help us in our time of need.  With most nations of the world in some form of quarantine or lock down because of the coronavirus, we are praying that this sickness will be… Read More

South Lakes FS virtual meeting a success

The first virtual Filling Station meeting for the South Lakes group took place on Thursday the 16th of April.  Over 45 people tuned in on-line and heard Lt. Col Jan Ransom teach on the gospel in our current situation of lock down.  A recorded Youtube worship session and a healing testimony were presented, as well… Read More

The ‘virtual church’ across the world.

Many Filling Station meetings are now taking place using modern technology to interact.  We have now heard of numerous groups offering virtual Filling Station celebration nights in the UK and USA, either live streaming or using some recorded content via Zoom.  Last night, Thursday the 16th, three meetings successfully launched their first Zoom conference celebrations… Read More

Many meetings still gathering – on the web!

Many Filling Station teams have stepped up to offer their monthly celebration meetings on the web via a variety of computer programmes.  The most commonly used package seems to be Zoom, and several Filling Stations have bought an extended version of that medium to allow a longer evening meeting.  The Filling Stations that we have… Read More

All 16 Filling Stations in Scotland link up virtually!

For the first time ever, all 16 Filling Station teams in Scotland, including the newest meeting, Arbroath Filling Station, linked up successfully on March 31st for an evening’s discussion, prayer and sharing of testimonies as none of them were able to gather in the normal way.  Because of the unusual ‘lock down’ situation created by… Read More

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