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Suffolk Coastal September Meeting – Michael Emmett

We were excited to re-open the Suffolk Coastal Filling Station on Thursday 23rd September, when we welcomed Michael Emmett as our guest speaker. Michael was raised in a family whose lifestyle was organised crime. He was convicted as an international drugs dealer and sentenced to a 12-year prison sentence. However, while he was in prison… Read More

Suffolk Coastal Filling Station Meetings

We will be keeping you posted as to when our meetings will be starting again. We’ll be gathering together again just as soon as we can. In the meantime, instead of meeting together in body, we can join together as a Filling Station family in prayer. The leadership team will also be meeting in virtual… Read More

Suffolk Coastal February Meeting – Angie & Mogs Jones

This month Suffolk Coastal Filling Station welcomes Angie and Maurice (“Mogs”) Jones. Angie and Mogs live in North Essex and help head up North Essex Filling Station. Their story speaks of how God has held onto them through tragedy and has blessed them out of it. They are both published authors and recently retired from… Read More

Suffolk Coastal January 2020 Meeting – Sandy Millar and Geoffrey Boult

This month Suffolk Coastal Filling Station welcomed our own Sandy Millar and Geoffrey Boult doing a ‘double-act’ on the subject of “What is Your Vision for 2020?”. Geoffrey is Chairman of Suffolk Coastal Filling Station and a lay evangelist. He was formerly a teacher, housemaster at St Edward’s, Oxford and Head of Giggleswick School. Geoffrey… Read More

Suffolk Coastal September Meeting – Malcolm Macdonald

Suffolk Coastal Filling Station welcomed Rev. Malcolm Macdonald. Malcolm is the vicar of St Mary’s Church, Loughton, Essex, which is set right in the heart of the town. It is a thriving and friendly Anglican church and also has a church-based café reaching out into the community, which is open from Monday to Friday. Malcolm… Read More

Suffolk Coastal July Meeting – Tania Bright

Suffolk Coastal Filling Station were privileged to share the evening with Tania Bright. Tania is is focussed on community renewal through relationships, reform and innovation, lending her professional acumen and 14 years ministerial experience to a variety of high impact organisations such as Love146 (Board); Chapel Street (Group Director); For Refugees (Executive Director) and Spring… Read More

Suffolk Coastal June Meeting – Jane and Alan Hutt

Suffolk Coastal Filling Station welcomed Jane and Alan Hutt, who were members at All Saints Wickham Market. They started “The Beehive” in Kenya for girls who have been raped and are pregnant. They take in the girls, look after the babies and get the young mums some education. This work keeps on growing and they… Read More

Suffolk Coastal May Meeting – Geoffrey Boult

Suffolk Coastal Filling Station welcomes Geoffrey Boult, our very own Chairman, as our speaker this month. Geoffrey is a lay evangelist and was formerly a teacher, housemaster at St Edward’s, Oxford and Head of Giggleswick School. Geoffrey is married to Katie and they have four daughters and now three grandchildren. Geoffrey will be talking on… Read More

Suffolk Coastal April Meeting – Paul Witter

Paul grew up in the Wirral and worked for many years in law, finishing up as the practice manager of a medium-sized law firm. He also served three terms as an elected councillor on Wirral Council and was the Cabinet Member for Social Services and Health. Converted later in life, he felt the call to… Read More

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