The following individuals and organisations are happy to endorse The Filling Station ministry, many of them having spoken at meetings around the network:

  • Alpha Scotland
    Rev Paul Davie
  • Alpha UK
  • Christian Vision for Men
    Christian Vision for Men (CVM).
  • Dr. Lucy Peppiatt
    Principle of Westminster Theological Centre
  • Evangelical Alliance
  • Ffald-y-Brenin, W.Wales
    Rev Roy Godwin
  • J-John & the Philo Trust
  • Mr Gerald Coates
    Pioneer Church Network.
  • Mrs Rachel Hickson
    'Heart cry for change' Ministries.
  • New Wine England
    Rev Mark Melluish
  • New Wine Ireland
    Rev David McClay
  • ReSource
    Renewal and Mission agency
  • Rev David McClay
    Head of New Wine, Ireland
  • Rev Kenny Borthwick
    Holy Trinity, Westerhailes. Edinburgh.
  • Rev Nicky Gumbel
    Holy Trinity Brompton & Alpha.
  • Rev Simon Ponsonby
    St.Aldate’s church, Oxford.
  • Rt. Rev Alistair Magowan
    Bishop of Ludlow.
  • Rt. Rev David Williams
    Bishop of Basingstoke.
  • Rt. Rev Graham Cray
    Bishop of Maidstone.
  • Rt. Rev Mark Rylands
    Bishop of Shrewsbury
  • Rt. Rev Mike Hill
    Bishop of Bristol.
  • Rt. Rev Paul Butler
    Bishop of Durham.
  • Rt. Rev Peter Hancock
    Bishop of Bath & Wells.
  • Rt. Rev Richard Chartres
    Bishop of London.
  • Rt. Rev Richard Jackson
    Bishop of Lewes.
  • Rt. Rev Sandy Millar
    Formerly Rector of Holy Trinity Brompton.
  • Rt. Rev Tim Dakin
    Bishop of Winchester.
  • Rt. Rev Tim Thornton
    Bishop of Truro.
  • Rt.Rev Andrew Watson
    Bishop of Guildford.
  • The Glasgow Prophetic Centre (GPC)
  • Very Rev. John Irvine
    Formerly Dean of Coventry Cathedral.
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