FillingStation@home - Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace Filling Station celebration meetings?
No! Filling Station celebration meetings will continue with larger groups of people meeting for worship, teaching, and prayer ministry in neutral venues around the country

Is this just another Zoom meeting?
No! FillingStation@home meetings are in-person meetings in your home. The only person to Zoom in is the speaker because this enables us to get the very best LIVE speakers into your home. All discussion and prayer are interpersonal, not virtual.

What are the costs of running a FillingStation@home?
The service is offered entirely free by the Filling Station Trust. How you want to provide the hospitality element is up to the hosts. We do encourage generosity towards the live speakers to bless them as they bless you but that will be between you and them

How frequently do FillingStation@home meetings meet?
Meetings can be held weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your vision and the time you have to commit.

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