How will it work?

Every FillingStation@home meeting will be different in size and character

  • Everyone will gather in a home for refreshments, chit-chat, and worship before welcoming a guest speaker LIVE via Zoom
  • Guest speakers will be invited to stay with the teams after the message is delivered for Prayer Ministry
  • @home teams will be offered training by The Filling Station Trust and given access to our database of live or recorded speakers
  • @home teams will be gathered together on the same evenings to allow speakers to connect with and serve more than one team at a time
  • @home teams will be able to source a speaker from our website where they can see detailed biographies with links to an example video of that speaker in action
  • There is also the option of using pre-recorded video content from our library
  • This service is provided free of charge by the Filling Station Trust but the listing for each speaker will contain details to enable a financial gift to be made to the speaker if desired

Next up – What do YOU need?

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