What happens next?

Filling Station Regional Consultant will be in touch to learn more about you, the church in your area, and your hopes for a new gathering of this nature.

In the launch phase, we will take care of some of the logistics centrally to ensure that several teams are able to connect with the same speaker on the same evening. However, we expect this to evolve as the initiative rolls out.

Once your FillingStation@home team has been approved for launch, your Regional Consultant will help run a practice session, in which your gathering can get the hang of the technology required to host a smooth evening. We will also see if there are other ways that we can support you in getting your meeting off the ground.

Once you are ready to go – you simply contact your guest speaker and discuss your needs and hopes.

Regional Consultants will be joining in on some of these early meetings to enjoy the experience and learn more about what might be needed to make sure things run smoothly, for His glory!

What next?
If you would like to know more or would like to start up a FillingStation@home please contact: Emily Wootton at

Next up – FAQs?

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