Worship & Prayer

Worship and prayer ministry are crucial aspects of any FillingStation@home gathering.

In the future we hope to be able to offer LIVE worship from leaders around the UK – unfortunately, the technology is not quite there yet. We anticipate that many teams will have musicians in their midst or are able to worship freely without instruments. If this is not possible there are a number of other great alternatives available such as YouTube playlists, a playlist on a phone or other device attached to a hi-fi or loudspeaker of some sort, a CD player. We will also be making pre-recorded worship available from many of our gifted supporters around the country.

Prayer and prayer ministry, for and with each other, has always been an essential part of any Filling Station meeting. FillingStation@home teams will have access to short tutorials on how to lead effective times of prayer ministry and will be encouraged to pray for and equip those that attend their home groups to pray for others.

Next up – What happens next?

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