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Donate online

You can donate to the Filling Station Trust online through our pages on

Alternatively, you can give by bank transfer or by setting up a standing order with The Filling Station Trust using the following details:
The Filling Station Trust 
Account number 62465507
Sort-code 40-09-19

If you are a UK taxpayer the donation can be Gift Aided as well, thus gleaning a further 25% for the Filling Station. We are a registered charity No. 1131753. To make things easier for you we have created an online Gift Aid form for you to fill in.

Funding of the Filling Station Trust

The Trust is very happy to invest in all Filling Station meetings, particularly in their ‘set up’ stage. The Trust has overheads which need to be covered, such as employees (the Regional Consultants etc), advertising materials, running the website, arranging prayer and conference events etc. As the network has grown to over 90 meetings in 6 countries with 4,500 people participating, naturally, all these costs have increased.

The Trust is not supported financially by any specific Church as we are a non-denominational ministry. To date our income has come primarily from donations by private Christians in the UK. We believe strongly in the principle of ‘giving on what we ourselves have received’. All moneys donated to the FS Trust are used to support local meetings and initiate new ones.

Our accounts can be viewed at the Charity Commission website. Our experience with money and this ministry is that; “God’s plans, by God’s means, never lack for God’s supply”, to quote the missionary Hudson Taylor.

Funding of local meetings

All Filling Stations are financially independent and self sufficient. Running costs such as coffee, cookies, electricity, speakers fees and travelling expenses etc are all covered by the local meetings. The costs of running a meeting are not high, we estimate an average of £80-150 per month, and can be covered by:

  • retiring collections at each meeting
  • occassional gifts from the team and guests
  • specific donations from community groups/trusts/local Churches etc.

Establishing a new Filling Station

It costs the Filling Station Trust between £600 and £1000 to set up a new Filling Station. It costs £400 per annum to support an existing meeting. Over the last 4 years God has marvellously provided funding for the large number of Filling Stations that now meet. Although the Filling Station Trust has charitable status, we are currently unable to offer local meetings the use of this status for re-claiming tax on private gifts.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Richard Fothergill

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