Friends of the Filling Station

Since 2009 the Filling Station network has been rapidly expanding and there are now over 100 meetings in operation in seven countries. Over 5,500 people attend a meeting somewhere each month. We have seen numerous healings, transformations and conversions occurring through these gatherings. You yourself may have experienced a fresh touch of God at a Filling Station.

To link up our growing network of friends across the country we have set up the ‘Friends of the Filling Station’. There are several benefits to joining this group.

Fellow Believers

As a member of ‘Friends of the Filling Station’ you will be kept up to date about all new developments, including the opening of new meetings. We are a group of Christians who share the same values of recognising Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the active work of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and the pleasure of meeting together for fellowship, worship, teaching and prayer. A regular bulletin will be sent to all Friends members every two months.

Annual Conference

All Friends of the Filling Station will have a free (non-transferable) place at the annual national and regional conferences.


We will circulate details of the prayer needs & prayers answered to all Friends. You can let us know what we can pray for and an extensive network of prayerful Christians will intercede on your behalf. We will distribute bi-monthly prayer bulletins to all members.


You can sign up to a sliding scale of giving to the Filling Station Trust. To date, the Filling Station Trust’s annual budget, (which is currently around £160,000 p.a.), has been financed by a few extremely generous individuals and some local meetings.

We feel we must now widen the funding base so that many more members of the network can help support this growth. If you are a UK tax payer and fill in our Gift Aid form, we can re-claim an extra 25% from the Government.

How to become a Friend

There are two simple steps to become a Friend of the Filling Station:

  1. Complete and send the form below
  2. Setup your standing order using the following details:
    The Filling Station Trust
    Account number 62465507
    Sort-code 40-09-19

That’s it!

Many thanks and welcome to the network of ‘Friends of the Filling Station’! We will be in touch shortly.

For those who would rather sign up the offline way, you can download the Friends of TFS Leaflet.

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