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Covid-19 legal restrictions: Monthly Filling Station celebrations continue to take place online to support people through teaching, worship, sharing of testimonies and live prayer. Some meetings are live streamed, others using recorded material. Other Meetings have been put on hold until they can meet together physically.
See our Virtual Filling Station calendar below for upcoming meetings. Or you can look at the dedicated webpage (Find A Station) of your local Filling Station meeting and/or contact them directly for more specific information.

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What happens when one girl leaves the weariness of lockdown behind… Get “Refuelled” this summer!

Posted June 15, 2021

Lockdown restrictions have left many tired, weary, and isolated. If you need "Refuelling" then join us this July 2021, for "Refuel"! A contemporary, Christian worship festival, in the stunning Scottish Highlands.
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Morning Prayer Meetings
Join our 3 summer prayer meetings

Posted June 14, 2021

With many of our Filling Station meetings planning to meet again physically from September, we felt the call to pray between now and then.
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24 Hours of Prayer
Join us for our “24 Hours of Prayer” – Monday 27 September

Posted June 14, 2021

Choose to pray for The Filling Station for one hour over a period of 24 hours! Next date: Monday 27 September.
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Featured Events

REFUEL21 Lite taking bookings! Our national Refuel Christian festival has been confirmed as taking place between July 21st-23rd in 2021. 

Join us on the grounds of Gordon Castle, Morayshire in Northern Scotland.

Bruxy Cavey, will either be joining us in person or via a live link (Covid restrictions dependent).  We also are due to announce speakers anytime now, followed by an amazing program.

Visit: for more details and to make your booking for next year.

Full teaching talks from Refuel 2019 can be obtained from the FS office at £10 for a download, and £25 for a pen drive.  Contact Emily at:

Find out more about Refuel 2021 at –

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