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During the current Covid-19 legal restrictions in Britain, there are no physical Filling Station meetings taking place at present. However, many are meeting on-line through the web. Monthly Filling Station celebrations are taking place to support people through teaching, worship, sharing of testimonies and live prayer. Some meetings are live streamed, others using recorded material.  A list of those that we know about offering on-line meetings can be found on this page below. Please look at the dedicated webpage of your local Filling Station meeting and/or contact them directly for more specific information about what they are doing and how to participate this year. January 2021.

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The Filling Station - meetings currently offering a 'virtual' gathering

Filling Stations are monthly Christian celebration meetings normally held in non-church venues such as village halls, cafes and community spaces.  With the current unusual ‘lock down’ circumstance taking place, normal gatherings like these have naturally ceased.  Many Filling Station groups are still active however, and are offering regular virtual meetings on their designated nights of the month, as listed on this site.  The following meetings are offering web gatherings which you can join:

* Lossiemouth
* Bo’ness
* Two Rivers
* Arbroath
* N.E Fife
* Wishaw
* Appleby
* Penrith
* S.Lakes
* Wirral
* Harrogate
* Vale of York
* S.Yorks
* Bardney
* N.W Shropshire
* Craven Arms
* Tenbury Wells
* Aldridge
* Needwood
* Farnham
* Downland
* Kennet Valley
* S.Oxfordshire
* New Forest
* Box
* Ashburnham
* E.Kent
* Central Weald
* W.Weald
* Central London
* Witney
* Ashburton
* South Hereford
* Wye Valley
* South Hams
* Virginia, USA
More details can be found on the Virtual Filling Station Calendar.  If you would like to start a virtual Filling Station meeting, do get in touch with Richard or Emily ( / If you are feeling isolated, we at the Filling Station want to help you connect with the world wide church as represented by fellow Christians who attend Filling Stations elsewhere.
Physical Meetings.  As soon as Covid19 rules concerning public indoor meetings in the UK are relaxed, Filling Station meetings will resume physical gatherings. Watch the national headlines for this!
Filling Stations in the 6 non-UK countries, have differing rules regarding group gatherings.  Contact the Administrators of these meetings to find out the latest information – whether they are on Zoom, or physically gathered.

(Jan 2021).

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Featured Events

REFUEL 2021 taking bookings! Our national Filling Station Christian holiday teaching week has been confirmed as taking place between July 18th-24th in 2021.  Refuel is a week long holiday teaching festival held in the grounds of Gordon Castle, Morayshire in Northern Scotland.  Because of Coronavirus restrictions, Refuel 2020 was cancelled.  Bookings are already being taken for July 18th-24th 2021.  Bruxy Cavey, Danielle Strickland, Andy Hall, Eddie Lyle (of Open Doors) and many other quality teachers and speakers will be attending in 2021.  Visit: for more details and to make your booking for next year.

Full teaching talks from Refuel 2019 can be obtained from the FS office at £10 for a download, and £25 for a pen drive.  Contact Emily at:

Find our more about Refuel 2021 at:-

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